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Butterfly Chandelier
920 pieces

This chandelier, designed for the Dana-Thomas House in Springfield, IL, is the most elaborate of all of the lamps that Frank Lloyd Wright designed. It was one of six built by the Linden Glass Co. of Chicago. Five of these lamps are in the Dana- Thomas House and one is displayed in the Richard Bock Collection at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. The complexity of this lamp is illustrated by the $31,500 price tag for a full scale reproduction.

This pattern and instruction package has been several years in the making. After developing the patterns I realized that this lamp in its original size would be too large for many houses. This led to experimenting with scaled down models until I decided on a linear reduction of 10% which resulted in a volume reduction of 25%. Both the full size and the reduced size are included in the pattern package. Both lamps are identical except for size.

The key to building this lamp is an instruction manual that includes 14 photos, 16 graphic illustrations, and over 6,000 words of text with step by step instructions.

The full size lamp measures 23 1/4" across and 22 3/8" high, while the reduced lamp measures 21" across by 20 1/8" high.
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Included in the package:

  • Instruction manual
  • A complete set of drawing for the full size and reduced size lamp
  • Each lamp drawing set includes: 6 mechanical drawings, 3 drawings of jigs to aid in accurate assemply, and 2 pattern drawings
  • 2 drawings of hanging fixtures

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