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" ... The windows usually are provided with characteristic straight line patterns absolutely in the flat and usually severe. The nature of the glass is taken into account in these designs as is also the metal bar used in their construction, and most of them are treated as metal 'grilles' with glass inserted forming a simple rythmic arrangement of straight lines and squares made as cunning as possible so long as the result is quiet..."

Frank Lloyd Wright, Architectural Record, March 1908
Finding lustred glass today is not a major challenge. Chicago Art Glass makes a line of Prairie-style lustred glass which may not be in stock but can be ordered through your local stained glass dealer. We also sell Glass when available. Please mail us for ordering information.

The width and shadows of the came is an integral part of the windows designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Fortunately, a recent resurgence in the popularity of Frank Lloyd Wright's works has made came similar to the came he used available again.  The came used in Frank Lloyd Wright's windows was usually zinc with copper or brass plating.
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